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Marhabane is a work born from the architectural project of the Casablanca LGV station, a monumental work that is part of a landmark in a resolutely contemporary architecture stretching like a bridge over the network of railway tracks. For this place of transit, Hassan Darsi has imagined a work that extends its main function, welcoming the millions of travelers who will cross its spaces, but which also extends the architectural project by a symbolic footbridge.

Marhabane is a sphere more than four meters in diameter made of interlacing gilded wood assembled in scaffolding. A shape hollowed out in its center suggests the contours of the African continent, an Africa of which Morocco would constitute the junction point with Europe, a junction of which Casablanca would become the strategic epicenter. In the void left by the absence of structure, float 29 words and as many languages, among the most used in Africa, to wish "welcome" to passing travelers. A way for the artist both to underline the African belonging of Morocco and to signify the welcoming dimension of a station

Marhabane takes its source in the very vocation of the place where it is inscribed at the same time as it borrows recurring elements from the work of Hassan Darsi: the color gold for its emblematic significance and its signaling impact ("Or d'Afrique", "Golden Jetty", …); the reference to architecture, to the process of construction and to its unfinished dimension (“Amulets”, “Chantiers en or”, “Les réparateurs du ciel”, …).

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