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Gold of Africa I

March 2008 - Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Intervention with golden adhesive on the pier of the beach of Guia de Isora.

Vidéo 12’

Photographs digital prints on dibon


Gold of Africa II

September 2012 - Digue du Large (Marseille)

Interventionwith golden adhesive Digue du Large in Marseille.

Photographs digital prints on Dibon

"Hassan Darsi diverts the universal mechanisms that the color of gold inevitably engenders, at the same time as he questions our gaze, the one we have and the one we no longer have on the things of life. It is also which brings the work of the artist when he transposes this process of covering with gilding on a large scale, on the facade of an art gallery in Casablanca (2007), or a pier at sea in Tenerife in 2008 and in Marseille in 2012. The golden adhesive of Or d'Afrique tends to make the monumental concrete cubes of the dike disappear, at the same time as it underlines their existence and implies the tragic stories of crossings and shipwrecks. Gold (from Africa) then becomes both the beacon that signals danger and the coveted wealth that blinds. From subterfuges to paradoxes, from abyss to scale, the artist shifts the field art where you least expect it."


(Extract from the text by florence renault, november 2017)

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