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The Lion Collection - The Lion Costume - The Lion Painting

IN "The lion is dying"

An art project by La source du lion (​)

around the Aïn Sebâa zoo in Casablanca,

2003 - 2007

Lion painting

Performance by Hassan Darsi (Esplanade de l'Institut Français, Bd Zerktouni in Casablanca, April 6-20, 2005): "The Lion Painting" is sketched during the inauguration and extended in public each day until its presentation, the closing day

The lion collection

"The lion collection" has been made up of donations from people who volunteer to contribute to the project. These objects use the representation of the lion, through their packaging, their name, their visual identity, their subject, their motif, their title...: consumer products, personal objects, souvenirs, toys, stories, songs... The result is a collection more than a hundred objects whose content constitutes a sort of cabinet of curiosities.

Lion costume

On the different pre-cut parts of the costume, to the artist's measurements, the images of a selection of objects from "The lion's collection" have been printed by transfer. These elements assembled, the finalized costume becomes a new piece of the project "The lion is dying", a mobile mode of presentation for "The lion collection".

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