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Display and photographs format postcards

In 1995, Hassan Darsi was invited by the French Institute to participate in the exhibition Fragment d'imaginaire which offers a vision of Casablanca through 11 artists. He chooses to present a series of innocuous photographs, taken on the fly and without any real plastic concerns. The black and white prints in postcard format, jagged on the edges, are all screen-printed with the same mention "Souvenir de Casablanca" and simply installed in a display stand recovery. Artifices – black and white, serration – which transform these deliberately banal images into totems of an outdated modernity, a mode of presentation – the usual postcard display rack – which transposes the reality of the street into the space of exhibition a shift on the scale of the city and a propensity for diversion.

(Excerpt from the Chronobiography of Hassan Darsi - florence renault, 2011)

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