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Africa under construction

July-August 2021

Wood and gold paint

The notion of building site is recurrent in the work of Hassan Darsi, like his work whose works feed off each other, enrich each other, from exploration to re-exploitation, from research to diversion. So many exhibits which each time complete a previous work and anticipate another, like a vast construction site... A symbolic construction site, on the scale of a world of political and human issues, societal, ecological and cultural. And as any site, construction or rehabilitation, begins with the erection of scaffolding, it is this first stage, necessary and constructive, which unfolds here as a zero moment marking the beginning of possibilities...

Africa under constructionimposes itself in space like a scaffolding of wooden interlacings whose partial density underlined with gold lets guess the contours of the African continent. A work that has its source in Morocco's African affiliation and which borrows recurring elements from the artist's work, the color gold, for its emblematic scope and its signaling impact, the architecture and the dimension of scale, for its reference to the creative process.

(florence renault, august 2021)

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