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Half Moon


Photographs digital prints

The Half Moon project, which has been in the making for a few years, was born through a series of photographs of the site, as if suspended in un "no man's land". It has already been ten years since the premises of a potential seaside residence have been waiting on the road to Azemmour, each time he passes in front of this space, both abandoned and in the making, the artist stops there. to soak up the absurd poetics that emanates from it. This is what he will show in the derealized images that he will produce like so many improbable and yet very real architectural models. He will return later in 2009 to the place with a video, L'homme qui court, in which he stages himself in the enigmatic architecture of the place.

(Excerpt from the Chronobiography of Hassan Darsi - florence renault, 2011)

Hassan Darsi © 2021


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