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Off from the elections

Website, directory and soundtrack

Off of the elections was presented in March 2007 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, the MUhka, and on September 21 of the same year in the Iowa in the United States.

Directly linked to the elections of the time, the project is an accessible website, which offers a series of anonymous recordings, excerpts from conversations gleaned and archived at random from meetings and exchanges, classified in some sixty equally pragmatic directories. absurd or poetic.
This "off" to the elections was extended in 2008 by the political color chart which juxtaposes the lists of the various directories with the icons which allow illiterate voters to identify the various political parties running for the elections in Morocco. The following year the artist proposed with Festival a device for listening to recordings inside a "honda" (vehicle of traveling transporters in Morocco) revisited in an overbidding of decorations usually used by drivers.

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