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The roof of the world


Video installation with 6 monitors and video players

The roof of the world is a set of improvisations and meetings, orchestrated by a process that originates beyond thought, and as both a project and a settlement. The roof of the world is an assembly: the sky, the city, the empty, the bodies ... bodies that capture emotions freely, space and lack of  walls ... And beyond the walls full of old past slaughterhouses, beyond the issues and controversies generated by this unused space , act in and through a project that settles where no one wants to settle on a roof border just materialized by vertigo. The roof of the world is a juxtaposition of bodies that come in succession to experience, confront, and move in the lack of space that they make real ... And if it was this emptiness, this opening on the city, on the sky, which made these bodies mutually exist? This interweaving, this meeting just memorized by the eye of the camera, these performances without an audience in the open, are all the pieces of a puzzle until infinity, both complicity and phrases around the same shape . A look at a place, a neighborhood, a city, here or there, elsewhere ... where dancing on the roofs can be an act of resistance and existence.

(Florence renault)

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