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The running man 1 and 2

Series of filmed performances

Dressed in red and green, in the colors of the Moroccan flag, the artist runs. He runs, for no apparent reason, without a real or at least clearly stated goal. He runs, in the no man's land of a future unfinished and abandoned real estate project, in the desert of the rue de l'enfer of a small town in Belgium... He runs, with no other intention than to underline by this action vain the spaces it crosses. He runs, carried in his effort by the energy he deploys to point out the aberrations of our living spaces, whether they are projection or reality. Of these filmed performances, there remain fixed images of these empty places, as if suspended in an uncertain expectation, that of an announced death or of a life still in proxy. And we no longer really know by looking at these images if it is the artist who travels through these spaces or if they are the ones who cross the elusive runner. (FRD)

The Running Man I
Half Moon
Casablanca region. Morocco


The Running man 2
Hell Street
Mons region. Belgium


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