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Adrift project

May 2009

Water, gold dust, metal walkway, inner tube and foam board model


During the first presentation of this installation for the "Artistic Gateway VII: Edges and Overflow" at the Villa des arts in Casablanca, "Drift Project" occupied the entire space of the exhibition hall and offered the visitor to cross an expanse of water covered in gold dust on a metal walkway from door to door. At the back of the room, “drifting” in the “sea of gold”, a platform associated with an inner tube hinted at the stylized elements of an imaginary architecture, in reference to the future marina of Casablanca.

The installation was updated in 2012 for the retrospective exhibition "Chantiers et autres applications" at Bozar, Brussels, in 2016 for the exhibition "Nel mezzo del mezzo" at the Riso Museum, Palermo, then in 2021 at Charleville-Mézière in the framework of the exhibition "Thinking the possible".

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