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Once every two years the Prince Claus Fund recognizes six trailblazing artists and cultural practitioners with the Prince Claus Impact Awards. The Impact Awards are designed to acknowledge artists, creatives and inspirational leaders who have shown transformative power, consistent dedication and engagement within their contexts and beyond. These Awards are granted to artists whose practices are artistically inspiring, offer new perspectives and deal in creative ways with pressing social and/or political issues. They stand as testament to the positive, critical and crucial role that arts and culture can play across the world. 


The current Impact Awards Jury consists of :

  • Pablo León de la Barra, curator from México,

  • Dinh Q. Le, multimedia artist from Vietnam,

  • Faustin Linyekula, dancer, choreographer, and storyteller from DR Congo,

  • Mariam Kamara, architect from Niger,

  • Maya El Khalil, curator from Lebanon. 

During their deliberations the Jury has centred the importance of honouring individuals whose commitment and engagement with their community is clear and direct. They have chosen artists and cultural practitioners who tackle issues that have contemporary relevance and urgency, and who they believe are role models for a new generation. 

The Jury has unanimously selected for the inaugural Prince Claus Impact Awards :

  • Ailton Krenak, Brazil,

  • María Medrano, Argentina,

  • Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Cuba,

  • May al-Ibrashy, Egypt,

  • Hassan Darsi, Morocco,

  • Alain Gomis, Senegal. 


Each of these individuals’ work is looking to specific communities, geared at changing both local and global realities and rooted in heritage whilst working towards an open and inclusive future. 

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